Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Legs and balls

I ran last Wednesday and the legs haven't really been right since. There has of course followed a week of self-pity and chocolate. I'm not risking running again until the weekend, when I'll really be running as I'm off to The Lakes for a FRA navigation course. At least the indoor, looking at maps bit won't hurt!

In other news, the fat dog, Newton is now officially a healthy weight. He still needs to lose about 2kg to be ideal, but he's no longer actually an overweight dog. To celebrate, now he's no longer an anaesthetic risk, I booked him in to have his balls removed. Poor boy, he's only got his tackle for another couple of weeks.


Rich said...

Say Hi to Lisa and Claire from Hayfield they're doing it too.

KatieCake said...

Poor Newton, Bet he wishes he hadn't lost all that weight now. ;)

BTW Hope your legs feel better soon.

Julbags said...

Aww, hope he doesn't want to pile the weight back on...happened to my dog as eating was the only interest he seemed to have left in life.

Hope the legs survive the weekend, I'm going to chance a run tomorrow, calves actually feel ok after all the cycling last week so here's hoping.

kate said...

well done newt! make the most of your 'doghood' ;)

have a great weekend...don't get lost!