Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Inspired by riding with Trio yesterday, I realise I need to get out of this lazy, fat rut I've slipped into, having a bit of an injured leg is not a sufficient excuse. I commuted by bike today. And, I intend to do it a lot this month. I said "no thanks" to a biscuit too. September is off to a better than it could have been start.


Simon said...


I need to do the same. Started well by commuting today but left in a rush on the way home and forgot to put food in my pocket. Starving when I got in and ended up at the chippy :-/

trio said...

Yay to commuting, but saying no to a biscuit?

Julbags said...

Yay for bikes! I've succumbed to a cold so feeling a bit pah but really chuffed your on the up. I've also eaten 5 chocolate digestives today....I blame the Great Britsh Bake Off as I never have biccies in the house normally.