Thursday, 26 August 2010

Run, ride.

I ran! Only 1.5 miles at fat dog pace, but I ran, it's the first run for ages as the stupid legs are still borked. Physio twice this week, some progress being made. And flush with excitement from running I got on my bike too, pedalled to the supermarket and back, cramming an unfeasible amount of groceries into my timbuk2 bag. 8 miles total, but hey, better than nothing. Let's hope this is the turning point, arse off sofa and back into some sort of motivated to stay fit mode.


Julbags said...

Yay! Hope your legs sort themselves out soon (are you listening Jumbly's legs)...think my calf may be on the mend, no running yet though cycling is at least now ok.

kate said...

good stuff. i'm sure your arms must be bugling now, what with all the bread making. maybe time to take up climbing ;)

trio said...

It's always the way back from the supermarket with a heavy bag that hurts....good training though!

I recommend lots of cycling and less running ;-)