Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Can't run, won't run

Can't run at the moment, actually not really been able to do much in the way of running since the Saunders. What started as a bit of a niggle that I could sort of mostly ignore is now something more. I've seen the physio and it was alright for a bit and now it's not again. The last proper run I did I couldn't sleep that night as I just couldn't find a non-hurty position. This is most likely going to put an end to marathon and more than a marathon plans. 7 mile jogs are the max I can contemplate, and that just isn't enough to constitute long distance training. On the plus side riding a bike doesn't seem to hurt, so I might get back into a bit of pedalling.


trio said...

Yay to pedalling! Way more sensible than running anyway!

You can do the marathon next year!

Runningbear said...

Sending healing vibes to the hurty bits. Always good to have a back up pedal plan.

On the bright side you've a bit more time for lemon squeezer drills and chopping board practice. RB

Carrie said...

Pedalling is sooo much more fun. :D