Monday, 5 July 2010


For the blisters, the laughs, the twisted ankles, the bits that are runnable, the falls, the friendships, the soaking, the cous-cous-baby-bel-chocolate-tea in a mug mid-camp food combo, the mashed up quads, the challenge, the frustration, the exhilaration, the tiny tent, the praise of good waterproof clothing, the shear all-out fun of it. That's why.

Saunders Mountain Marathon 2010. Wet Sleddale. A bloody good weekend.


KatieCake said...

Sounds interesting... and a tad bit crazy.

Congrats on doing it though. =D

lesleyh said...

Great fun, well done!!

Joe Newton said...

'Cous-cous-baby-bel-chocolate-tea in a mug' - Mmmmmm! My favourite!

kate said... put all that training to good use ;)

thanks for brilliant mid camp company!