Thursday, 22 July 2010


Due to a complete inability to correctly manage my time, I didn't make it to run club last night. I did eventually get out at about 8pm for an hour on the local lanes and trails. The last mile was getting increasingly storm coloured and thunderous, I got to the end of my road as the plip, plip, plip of rain started. It went all torrential downpour just as I shut the front door behind me. My timing has never been luckier.

Commute by bike today. Wind assisted on the way in. 18mph furiously pedalling downhill with the wind pressing my eyeballs on the way home. Both equally grintastic.


kate said...

'wind assisted', teehehe

Simon said...

It was a pretty big storm last night, you did well dodging it :)

trio said...

I got stuck in the storm, you were lucky!

Enjoying commuting then?