Sunday, 23 May 2010

Broom wagon needed

The plan was for a 12 mile run with some of the lads from run club, starting in Chorley, maybe a bit ambitious after a break from running and being ill, but I felt confident. By mile 4 I knew it was all going horribly wrong. It was hot, too hot, I was cooking. I had popped my camelback bladder in the freezer overnight, thinking as it melted I'd have lovely cooling sips to refresh me, I carted a block of ice up a big hill, it didn't thaw anywhere near quick enough to hydrate me. I was feeling shit. At a bit over 6.5 miles I was in Abbey Village waiting for the broom wagon and waving the lads off as they continued the run without me (they ended up doing 14 miles) . Glyn arrived with a big bottle of water and just the right amount of sympathy and patiently took me back to my car and I made my sorry way home. The worst thing of all...... the early bail out meant I missed out on some homemade ginger cake!


Pedalling Polarcherry said...

booo to the loss of ginger cake but Glyn is a sweetie!

Lostock AC said...

I'll try and save you a piece of the Ginger cake and bring it along on Wednesday night.

Simon said...

Trying to do a 12 mile run after quite a lay off is a bit silly, thought you might have been more sensible that that ;-)

Yay for the broomwagon :)

kate said...

suckle my pretty, suckle ;)

jumbly said...

PP - I know, I'm lucky to have him.

Adrian - that'd be great if there's any left.

Simon - I know..... but even the most sensible of us is sometimes stupid.

kate - ha, I told that story as I was suffering on Sunday!

Red Bike said...

I would be happy if I could cope with a 12mile run on a good day!

I WALKED up the fells from Great Landale yesterday which you showed me last year (running). I loved them!