Thursday, 15 April 2010


Southport and back with a couple of friends. 51 miles of pedalling. Glorious. There was......

Wooden bridge

Mid-ride snack

Ice cream.
Post-ride nutrition


trio said...


Red Bike said...

I will hopefully be going this Saturday. I hope you've saved me some ice-cream and chips!

jumbly said...

trio - we did think of you, sorry you couldn't make it

red - I think you'll be OK, Southport seemed well set up in chips. Have a good ride.

kate said...

giant ice cream or very small rider?

jumbly said...

kate - giant ice cream! Next time you're up our way we'll have to go to Fredericks, best ice cream ever.

Red Bike said...

I could have done with your navigation last weekend.
The only bit I got right was the ice-cream.