Monday, 22 March 2010

Teh Skillz Innit

Mountain bike ride with Trio this morning, she wanted to scoot round the new stuff in the woods at Healey Nab as she's practicing techy riding. I mostly slithered about in the mud, pushed, swore, got scared of rocks and moaned. Best bits, there is a really nice wiggily climb and the sandwich in Chapel Tearooms was epic!

A 2(ish) hour ride and I needed a 2 hour nap. I am so not a proper mountain biker anymore.


Simon said...

Sounds fun :)

trio said...

Did the picture of me on that scary drop-in come out?

Thanks for a great ride and cafe stop!

kate said...

you know when you're not a proper biker any more when you start thinking 'i could run quicker on this' ;)

Red Bike said...

I think I need to get my MTB muddy again. It's getting used for far to many tarmac miles.

jumbly said...

Simon - it was!

Trio - it's on Flickr

Kate - I do sometimes find myself on rides thinking this a good run ruined by bringing a bike along! Must redress the balance one the marathon is completed.

Red - tarmac miles on a MTB is always yuck, that's why God invented roadbikes.

trio said...

So true about road bikes - now ride yours Jumbly!

Found the picture

But a little confused, I am sure it was vertical and a load of scary rocks, this looks easier than I remembered!