Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Bratislva, proper Mitteleuropa, lots of cabbage, pork products, weird plum brandy, exceptionally good Pilsner, pointy castles, forests, a pleasing hint of the Soviet and a half marathon.

The race was exceptionally well organised and I ran it in 2:08, 904th out of about 1500 finishers, I was pleased with that. I finished my half before the elites finished the marathon which I had hoped would be the case. I concentrated a lot on maintaing a really steady pace and I hope that I can keep going like that for the marathon in May. It was an unexpectedly hot day, so I was glad I had packed my shorts as a last minute thing, loads of water stops on the route and pocket full of gummy bears seemed to do the trick. Across the finish line in order it was, medal, beer, fruit, sandwich, chocolate bar, timing chip surrender. Brilliant!

Pre-race prep was not necessarily ideal, I struggled a bit with the food, vegetarianism not a concept the Slovaks are familiar with, bacon and sausage often occurring in things you'd expect to be meat free. I ate more meat in 5 days away than I've had in the last 12 months, suffice to say some havoc played on the innards. Going out for beers the night before the race may not have been the wisest move either but the live music was worth it.

Post race recovery consisted of some of the best hot chocolate the world could ever hope for and a next day trip to Vienna on a boat up the Danube for posh coffee and Sachertorte.

All in all, a fantastic trip away.

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trio said...

Sounds a great trip! Great time in the half-marathon as well. You will be flying round the marathon!