Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Ran this morning, first 2 miles with Glyn, took it steady, slightly empty legs, but todays training ticked off the list without incident. Did quite a lot of work, a bit of a mental block has been overcome. Really positive studio meeting this evening, looking like the move into the new space is making some progress, lots of potential opportunities discussed. A thoroughly productive day. Most uncharacteristic!


kate said...

good stuff :) glad to hear the studio thing is working out

trio said...

Sounds a good day!

Glad the run was ok after being ill!

Red Bike said...


jumbly said...

kate - it's been taking an age, but finally looking like it's all getting somewhere.

trio - the run was very slow! Like 45 minutes to do 3.5 miles. Not enough energy after being ill, but I figured slow and steady was better than skipping the training as I felt mostly OK.

red - right back at you!