Sunday, 14 February 2010

Dilemma resolved

So the dilemma about what to do this weekend just sort of resolved itself.

Cross country yesterday. I was faster than at the races I did before Christmas, it's a relative thing, I was still way down the pack, but I had proper realisation of training actually making a difference to my running. Finished the race with a sense of achievement.

Decided not to do Winter Hill today. Did just over 10 miles of trails all looping locally. Flipper dog came along for the scamper. We are both a bit tired this evening. And my legs are sore, left achilles feeling a bit pingy, hopefully nothing serious!


trio said...

Sounds good! Now next year you can train for speed and then xc will be even faster!

kate said...

glad it's still grins :)
you should be feeling pleased with yourself, you're doing really well at sticking with the plan. keep it up!