Thursday, 18 February 2010

The day we went to Paris

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Yesterday was spent on a whistle stop tour de Paris. The main reason for going was for the Christain Boltanski exhibition at the Grand Palais, which was well worth the trip. A bit of sight seeing also occurred as did the consumption of some fine French food. It was a long, cold day, but that seems to be the way Glyn and I like it when we when we go to Paris as this is the second mid-winter day trip we've done. Oh, to see Paris in the sunshine!


trio said...

My jetsetting where will be next wek? New York, Milan?

EJRush said...

Do you speak French? If not how is it without french? I have some french, but it's limited. Been considering some conversation classes.

We've been thinking of visiting for a weekend and I'll be there at the end of my blackpool to paris bike ride.

I'll be asking for recommendations when we do decide to go!

jumbly said...

Hardly speak any French and managed to muddle through. It's not a city I know very well, having only been on 2 day trips but some of our friends are v regular visitors so I'll ask them if you need hotel recommendations.

kate said...

how much time were you actually there for? i kinda like the idea of a day trip that's got nothing to do with hills.

jumbly said...

Got about 9 hours in the city. Was just about right.