Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Nearly wobbled

I nearly wobbled off the training plan today, even though it's only Day 2. Two reasons, firstly I'm on unfamilar running territory as I'm in the Midlands at my sisters. Secondly, woke up to a good covering of snow. Went out with my sis and her hounds this morning, lots of me asking "so if I go down there, where will I come out" "how far does that path go" and "can I get back that way" gave me the required confidence. A quick change into my running kit and by lunch time I had a nice, steady 5 miles ticked off. Nearly wobbled, but didn't, and felt good for that.


Julbags said...

Well done! That bit of extra determination you get when you have "a plan"!

Bit gutted the 2 Crosses has been moved, it clashes with the Whinlatter Enduro so I won't be able to do it (assuming I ever get out on my bike again that is).

trio said...

Well Done!

That is a huge hurdle to jump over! Now its all easy, oh apart from the running 26.2miles!

jumbly said...

Julbags - I can't make the new 2 crosses date either, clashes with the FRA navigation course that I've already postponed twice!

kate said...

good work :)