Saturday, 24 October 2009

Run, work, ride, chips.

Been a bit of a shitty week, won't bore with the self-pitying details, gave myself a good talking to on Thursday evening and got up yesterday feeling a bit more positive. Trainers on and out for a 2 mile pre-brekkie run with Flipper. While getting on with some work I got a text from Trio reminding me she was night-riding, a quick reply and I agreed to meet on the other side of the hill at 5.30.

Changed my brake pads and set off at about 4.30 thinking I could have a leisurely ride over. As I made my way up through the Chinese gardens I was struggling. I just couldn't believe how hard I was finding it. I suspected I'd lost some biking fitness but this was ridiculous. Just nothing in my legs, every turn of the cranks just barely moving me along. It had taken me 50 minutes to ride 4.5 miles, I could run faster. I stopped and decided I was going to have to text Trio and say I was turning back, as I got off the bike to push it and lean it against the fence I realised the front wheel was barely turning. Oh, yes, those new brake pads, gripping the rotor with ferocity. A bit of trailside tinkering and I now had a freely spinning front wheel. Change of plan, the text simply explained I was running late. I pedalled the next mile and a half as quickly as possible to get to the meeting point.

Once there I met up with a very grumpy Trio who explained it was just the two of as a bizarre series of petrol station related incidents had kept Odile away and Ali had been lured way by a night out on the town. For some reason I suggested we head over and ride towards Tockholes instead of heading back up onto Winter Hill, a bit of an adventure. Trio led the way, lots of trails I'd never done before and she'd done 3 times in daylight. We found our way round and onto the back of Great Hill. I've run up there but this was my first ride, we got to the end of the flagged section and into the bog. It was mostly a big push and carry to the road from there, just not possible in the dark to pick a line that didn't swallow bike and rider whole. Eventually we got the road and it was then just a quick swoop down to Belmont where Glyn was waiting to meet me, unfortunately we were too late for the planned food in The Black Dog, so I bundled my bike in the van and opted for a plan B of a call at the chippy. We waved Trio off as she set off for the free-wheel to home, no longer grumpy.

21.5 miles for me, my longest mountain bike ride for a while, great fun, just what was needed.


trio said...

Friday nights are made for riding! I felt sorry for all the people stubling round Bolton when I went to pick Ali up, they missed out on great hill. Maybe beers, stove and food needs to be carried next time!

Julbags said...

I'm not sure there is viable riding line in daylight to the road, sometimes I can barely stay on two feet when running! You did well!

jumbly said...

Trio - yeah, good idea a snack and beer in the shelter on Great Hill would have been good.

Julbags - It was perversely fun.

Red Bike said...

My memory of great hill was it was a bog!

jumbly said...

Red - correct recollection. It is indeed a giant swamp bog!