Sunday, 6 September 2009

Pendle Hill

I met up with Gary today (aka Southernsoftie on the FRA forum) for a recce of Pendle Hill. We did the route of the half-tour race with is essentially the first half of the full-tour race. We were ridiculously lucky with the weather as it appears to have been monsoon season all week but today was dry, clear and at times almost warm. I can see how people can easily get lost on race day, a lot of zig-zagging about on criss-crossing trods and there are some big climbs and big descents, one aptly named "Geronimo" A good run out and I enjoyed it this morning, but, I think a bit more training will be needed before race day.


Red Bike said...

As normal I bet you're going to make it look easy.

Having to read a map while running?
If I raced that I could well be gone for a few days!

kate said...

just had a 'Geronimo' flash back and my thighs have gone into spasm! race is ages away, plenty of time for training ;)

jumbly said...

Red - the map was out quite a bit today, and I had to take a compass bearing, still got a little bit lost at one point though, so making it look anything but easy.

kate - "Geronimo" has made my knee go all hurty :0(

Julbags said...

I've seen the race map of the route and it looks very convoluted indeed - much fun to be had on a claggy day I would imagine! Pendle hill seems to be a massive clag magnet too.

Hope the training goes well.

jumbly said...

Julbags - yeah it's fear of blindly running in the clag that has got me going over there already. The race is in November, I need to feel confident of the route. Also at nearly 17 miles it will be my biggest ever run, the rivi marathon is falling at a good time to convince me I can run quite a long way if I put my mind (and body) to it.

emmilou said...

Jumbly et al! I know the route like the back of my flippin hand now - so if ever you want to recce before November just holla!

Did the full route the week before the Ben, the first half last sunday and back for the 2nd half this of these days gary WILL pay attention to te route and stop making the school boy errors!! ;)