Sunday, 2 August 2009

Dark Peak demons

new bike for jumbly
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Way back in February there was a crazy singlespeed ride in the Dark Peak with Kate and Trio, in some ways it was a fun day out, but it didn't rank as one of my most enjoyable rides. I fell off a lot, I pushed more than I rode, I cried inside, I haven't ridden singlespeed since, so when Kate suggested riding the same route this weekend, I was naturally hesitant. I'm not very bike fit at the moment, I haven't mountain biked properly since the 'gorms, this all added to my apprehension. I wanted to say no, but I am glad I didn't. I opted for suspension and gears this time which I think may have added to my enjoyment. (I was the only rider of the day to have a full compliment of gears - in some cases by design, in others by mechanical failure or accident). It was a top day out, definitely helped by the company of good friends (ace to meet up with Kate, Jane and Jon again and nice to meet Simon and Lucy). The weather final got summery, the scenery was spectacular, I rode more than I pushed, I laid a few Dark Peak demons to rest, I'd go back, maybe even on my singlespeed?


Jane said...
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kate said...

it was a lovely day out-much better than the howgils ;)
did i hear you say singlespeed .....?

Red Bike said...

Hopefully next time I might even have some gears.

Red Bike said...

Glad you enjoyed the ride.

Jane said...

Now I'm going to be the one having flashbacks of this route!