Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A return to muddy smiles

Run club tonight, after the pain of 2 weeks ago I went out determined to take it easy and join the slow group. Somehow I missed the point of separation and found myself with the faster and more uphill going group but I am so glad I did. A return to muddy smiles all round for me. I was slower than I'd have liked on the climbs, I walked most of the way up to the Pike and then on up to Winter Hill, but sploshing away through the boggy bits on the tops following the faintest of trods reminded me why I love being out in the wilds. 11.5km, the rain held off for all of it and I got home to huge slices of homemade pizza and a chilled beer, does it get any better than this?


trio said...

Sounds a perfect evening.

Pink Orange 5 said...

Without the mud it would have been better !! 10:53km I made it, so nearlly 1km to the sports centre.
Are your trainers dry yet !!!

kate said...

muddy smiles, i like the sound of that :)