Thursday, 2 July 2009

The results are in

Got my degree results this afternoon, 1st class (hons). Am obviously very pleased. The Private View went well this evening too. Arrived home to a pile of dog sick. The mysterious balance of life!


kate said...

massive well done :)
...that's not sick, it's 'found art' ;)

Runningbear said...

Wow, that's amazing news. You must be so chuffed! Must be wonderful to have all your hard work rewarded. What's you plan for celebrations? RB

Ian Charters said...

Really big well done :)

trio said...

Well Done!

Have fun at the weekend!

Red Bike said...

Big congratulations.

Does this mean more free time for running and riding now?

jumbly said...

Thanks everyone!

RB - Celebrations on hold until after the Saunders this weekend, I didn't think Jane would appreciate a race partner too hung over to run!

Red - I am indeed looking forward to bit more time for riding and running now the stress is all over.

Oh, and Kate, dog vomit art, might be a bit much even for Damien Hirst ;0)

Lost Sheep said...