Friday, 1 May 2009

Slow running

The hound and I picked the perfect weather window this morning for a sunshiney run. I had a 10 miler in mind, it took just over an hour to plod through 5 hilly miles so I called it a day. I had to keep walking, even on flat bits. My legs weren't that keen on the whole running idea, my lungs didn't seem to want to join in either and my nose was on overtime producing a constant dribble of snot. Having said all that I did better then I thought I might after something like 2 weeks without running and all the biking in my legs from Scotland. Another run and it'll all be alright again I think, well I hope so!


trio said...

I hate that about the first run back, that was me this week. Going to either enter some races, or train to get fit enough for a running club to motivate me!

kate said...

at least you're out there doing it :)

sally in norfolk said...

always hard to get back into running.... but 5 miles is a good start :-)