Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Walking on Winter Hill

Glyn is off for the day at a dull meeting and the house is still partially occupied by builders so Flipper and I thought we'd escape into the sunshine for a bit today. A bit of passing fog nearly scuppered our plans but it burnt off as quickly as it came and by 10 we were parked up by at Rivi by The Barn ready for the off. Through the gardens to The Pike, across to Winter Hill, down Noon Hill Slack to Old Belmont Road and then out onto Rivington Road. I was planning on heading straight up and down Great Hill on the main path but changed my mind. I'm trying to improve my navigation skills, so rather than stick to tried and trusted routes I made myself get the map out of my pack head off a way I'd not been before. Successfully navigated us back round to the Chapel Tea Rooms, egg and chips and a cuppa. Back to the car and home. 

I'd upload the photos I took but there are 2 builders and a tile cutter between me and my USB cable. I'll do it later. I have uploaded one snap from my phone to my posterous site. This is a new application I'm trying out. Let's you post to lots of different places with a single email. I'm hoping it will be a good way I can update the blog when I'm away from the computer.

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