Sunday, 1 February 2009

Winter Hill recce

Next weekend is the Winter Hill fell race so I went out with a few run club members today to recce the route. Ridiculous weather as always, blowing a freezing gale on the tops and so hot in the Chinese gardens had to take my gloves and jacket off. I'm fairly confident now of most of the route, just hope it's not too foggy on the day or I stand no chance of seeing the necessary landmarks I need to get round. My Garmin had me at 9.84 miles, but the 2 other Garmin users both had 10 miles dead. I must have found a short-cut and not even noticed! Now I'm bathed and warm at home, I've assessed the damage, big blister on my right big toe and a weird lumpy bit on my right ankle. Both a bit sore but not fatal!


Red Bike said...

Best of luck with the fell race Jumbly and I hope your feet recover soon.

I've just found out about 1000mile socks. I haven't had a blister since using them.

I've also started wearing Decathlon silk socks (don't ask) which also seem to work well too!

Groover said...

That sounds pretty hardcore. I don't know how you guys tough it out in weather like this? Good luck with the race!