Saturday, 28 February 2009

28 and no century

It's the last day of February and I haven't ridden my century this month for Trio's challenge and it certainly isn't happening today. Partly due to having a duff knee this month and partly due to disorganisation on my part, I have a big deadline on March 3rd and have predictably left it late to do the work so no time to get out on the bike. I'll try and do better in March.


Red Bike said...

There's not many people left in it now.

Biking Badger

Trio (Only 100miler left).

Pink Orange 5 said...

At least you've done better than me, I only thought about doing the 100km thing. After realsing what it entailed I thought better of it.

sarah said...

Understandable reasons! Hopefully you'll have more time and the knee will feel strong for the March one!

kate said...

that's fine you can do 2 in march to celebrate meeting you're deadline ;)

Biking Badger said...

Don't Feel to bad. I attempted and failed on Friday. Next month might try and get two in;)

jumbly said...

Yeah, I'll double up in March to compensate for my pathetic February. I only 29 miles the entire month :0(