Wednesday, 7 January 2009

2 runs

A 2 mile trail run with Flipper this morning in the cold drizzle. 6.7 very dark, fell miles with run club this evening. Very slow going, lots of patches of ice still about and the persistent drizzle caused a lot of bounce back of light from the headtorch making it incredibly hard to see where I was going. All made extra spooky because the police are asking people to keep an eye out on the local moors for suspicious disrupted earth because they suspect someone has been murdered recently and Winter Hill is where the body is. I was kinda glad I could only see an arms length in front of me! 

I think a short morning run with the hound and a longer second run is a good way to sneak some extra miles in my legs, I need to feel 11 miles happy by 8th Feb for the Winter Hill fell race, my first aim of the year. 

1 comment:

kate said...

what a nasty thought...sounds like the opening to a morse