Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Normal Wednesday

A normal Wednesday for me means run club. If I was buzzing from running on the fells in the dark last week, imagine the excitement of adding snow! A bit crusty and icy to start with but a good few inches of it on the tops of caster sugar consistency. In some ways it made the running easier because I couldn't actually make out individual potential hazards under the snow blanket I just had to trust my feet and let them get on with it, made descending a lot easier. I was worried I'd be cold but merino vest, Ground Effect hoodie and a wind proof with long tights was just right. I took a camera with me, not many good shots, the one here is of Adrian running up Two Lads. Forecast is for more snow overnight so might manage another run in the white stuff before the weekend.


kate said...


kate said...

nav. course update-just got the letter saying 'you're on the cancellation list'. keeping fingers crossed

jumbly said...

Let's hope we both get on, I'll let them roll me forward for the September course if it doesn't work out for March.