Sunday, 28 December 2008

The last few days

A bit of a catch up. Christmas day was ace, just Glyn, Flipper and me, lovely presents, loads of food, very relaxing. Turned out all a bit much for Flipper who puked all over the bathroom floor just as we were going to bed, a real quality dog owning moment. Boxing Day we all went down to my sisters, lots more food, slightly calorifically balanced out by 2 really nice walks round the nature reserve near her house. A very tedious drive back yesterday, the M5 and M6 were both gridlocked so we tried to come the scenic way with no road map and the worst sat nav directions possible, it has a thing for farm tracks. It took us well over 4 hours to do the 90 mile journey. We all overslept this morning so I didn't make the club Haggis Run. I got on the scales when I did finally get up to assess the Christmas damage, very apparent some sort of exercise needed so went out and ran 4.25 miles with Flipper. She decided to add some extra fun to the run by rolling in shit, a lot of it, so has had to have a bath, not an easy procedure, another quality dog owning moment. Might try and sneak a day in the Lakes in before our noses are back to the grindstone, hope it passes without a dog related incident.


kate said...

sounds like a lovely xmas day. we had to spend all of xmas day monitoring the (human) chocolate as my mum's dogs had their little hearts set it

jumbly said...

Naughty dogs everywhere then!