Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wednesday... run club

Wednesday so it's run club. I'd agreed to fell run tonight so I was worried it'd be all a bit like a scene from American Werewolf in London (stay off the moors, keep to the path), and I wouldn't live to tell the tale. But, it was such fun, I'm totally hooked, much more fun than pounding the tarmac. Be out doing it again next week, need to order a headtorch, mmmm more gear. I also signed up for one of the regional cross country series, starts this weekend, cross country not something I've done since compulsory school P.E so we'll see how that works out. Top evening. 

I'm well into my running again now, trouble is when I'm loving my running I feel guilty about neglecting my biking and vice-versa, need to work out how to become one of these uber fit multi-sport types. I do like my post run pint and crisps though, does that sound like the nutritional plan of a an uber fit multi-sport type, might have to work on that idea a bit more.


trio said...

So where did you run? Sounds very exciting. Let us know what head torch you decide to get.

I don't think I'll ever be a cool multi-sport person to get even reasonable at one sport I have to put all my effort into that one. Oh and it would involve more running and my knees will never allow that.

jumbly said...

Horwich leisure centre up to the Pike and back via various paths and fields. Some bits I've ridden on the bike but some other bits that wouldn't be rideable.

One of the lads who organises the fell running in the club is a real kit junkie and has given me some good advice on torches and jackets. He wants to get a few of the girls from the club into fell running so he's encouraging me loads to go for some races.

kate said...

sounds ace. last time i went night running was with this woman who was amazing at pace counting and knew exactly where we where at any moment. i can't even do that in the daylight!

have you got a copy of fellrunner yet? there's a head torch review in it

jumbly said...

I've sent off my form to the FRA but not yet had anything back. I'm looking at the Myo XP or Black Diamond Icon, any mention of those? Don't suppose you could scan the review and email it me could you?