Monday, 24 November 2008

Walsh fell runners.

A quick bit of internet poking and a phone call this morning and I had established exactly which back street of Bolton I needed for the Walsh factory shop. Really friendly guy in the office there explained some shoes are seconds (untidy gluing), some are different fabrics or colour-ways to those normally sold, and are some just ends of line.  Picked myself up some PB Ultra Xtremes, a bit of a glue splodge and a not normally used mesh fabric on part of the uppers, but at £25 cheaper than the rrp can't complain. The Ultras are the wider fitting Walsh shoes so my seal-flipper feet fitted in no probs. Well worth calling in there if anybody is in the market for fell or cross-country shoes. Will follow up later in the week what they are actually like to run in.


Julbags said...

They will feel like your not wearing anything, which is great though a little to minimal on really rocky stuff.

trio said...

New shoes cool, not sure I'll ever need fell shoes my inability to run down anything stops the idea of fellrunning, but look forward to the review seeing as I have wide feet to.

kate said...

old skool-kool :)