Sunday, 2 November 2008


Not all rides can be epics or indeed adventures of any sort. Today was a pedal to Tesco for butter, a magazine, soap flakes and deodorant. Football match on at the Reebok stadium so part of the cycle lane had a locked gate across it, no doubt to prevent illegal matchday parking but not very convenient for those of a pedalicious disposition. My bike was the only one in the Tesco bike racks although the carpark was rammed. I go a few stares as I skated round the aisles in my cleats, like I care! There and back unfortunately only amounted 50 mins and 57 seconds of riding. I did not do a few laps of the village to meet the hour!

Lazed around for the afternoon, finished reading Richard Askwith's Feet in The Clouds, a cracking book. This and no doubt the guilt for the missing 9 minutes and 3 seconds of riding encouraged me out for a 5km run round my usual loop of the village just as it got dark. 

I'm doing homemade chicken soup for tea if anybody wants to pop round, I always make too much for just the 2 of us.


trio said...

Read this too late and don't like chicken soup, although if you had said chocolate cake I would be getting my bike out now ;)

Can I borrow the book to read?

I find that everyone is too busy to look at me in tesco and I go in full lycra - at 6miles from mine I can justify cycle kit the one mile to asda doesn't even get bike shoes!

Oh what is your plan for the hour on thurs or fri? They are my free days for rides etc!

jumbly said...

It's 5 miles to Tesco from me I don't bother with lycra but do put my disco shoes on for it!

No probs about borrowing the book.

I haven't thought as far ahead as Thursday yet, I'll have to let you know, could be up for a singlespeed ride one of the days though.

kate said...

too far for soup but cake, that's a different story!!
and i'm not judging you on missing those 9 minuets and 30 seconds ;)

jumbly said...

If you two want cake then I'll have to talk nicely to Glyn, he's the cake pixie in our kitchen, I can just about run to a batch of muffins, he makes mega scones too!

trio said...

I made muffins on sunday, my best attempt so far, but then I gave up on being healthy and put butter in!!!!

jumbly said...

Yeah I put butter in the ones I make. I had a go at some supposedly fat free ones, a BBC recipe, you just added more egg and loads more sugar so I think calorifically it was no different just no butter. The taste was there but the texture was a bit like a washing up sponge (not that I've eaten one). So it's back to using butter for me, I always make banana and bran muffins so sort of healthy anyway!

trio said...

I make chocolate ;)

I have a book of healthy recepies, it used oil instead on butter and not much. Was ok, butter was better!