Thursday, 9 October 2008


A pair of jeanius jeans arrived today from alpkit. They're only doing mens cut at the mo, with a possible promise of a girl-cut next year, like I can wait til then! Bit long in the leg, so rolled up, bit high in the waist but not quite pulled up like Simon Cowell wears is jeans. Very comfy, stretchy, articulated knees, seamfree where needed for wearing on a bike. Glyn put the hose-pipe on me in the garden, legs stayed dry. One of those products that seems to do exactly what it says on the tin. Looking forward to giving them a bit of a thrashing over the coming watery months, see how they hold up. 


kate said...

i want some! being a bit on the short side i'm gonna have to wait though

trio said...

How exciting, I was looking at them and they seem a great idea!

Tina Mammoser said...

Wow, they look great! I'm used to having to re-hem all my trousers anyway so that wouldn't bother me. :) (a little home sewing machine does wonders) These will go on my wish list!

jumbly said...

I only ever re-hem smart trousers, well I say I re-hem, Mr Jumbly aka Glyn is the sewing whizz in our household, but he doesn't like doing jeans, so they just get rolled up or dragged until they scuff themselves shorter!

I've got a pair of the 32 length leg, I think the 30 leg would fit fine without needed to be rolled, but that only comes in a 28 waist which doesn't really allow for my cake belly!

ultra collie said...

hello jumbly
what dog do you guys have? is he a runner too? does they do 'jeanius4dogs'?
in answer to your question, charlies off lead as much as possible. when we run ultras i keep him on for the first few miles as he doesn't know there's another 50 or so to go and may overdo it or more likely run off with the leaders and leave me for dead!

jumbly said...

Flipper is we think a lab/collie cross, rescue so you never know for sure?!

She does like to come for a run. But she goes a bit mad and runs herself ragged so I've never taken her for more than about 6 miles. To be fair I'm only just back up to the 6-8 mile distance myself after a longish gap of not doing much running other than the odd 3 miler and concentrating more on my biking.

I'm trying to decide if she could be calmed a bit with being on a longish lead and could then come for longer runs as I start longer runs. There is also the issue of sheep!