Wednesday, 22 October 2008

It's Wednesday so it's run club

7.2 miles at run club this evening, something not quite right with my Garmin, possibly user error means I only know what was going on for the second half of the run! But, was quite fast paced again. A good run, I really like that run club gets me to just push the distance and pace a bit. Am contemplating a few races, including a fell race at the end of November!

I am trying to persuade Glyn that we have the house room for another dog as one of the run club members is trying to find a home for a pooch. Surely a 2 bedroomed terraced property is big enough for 2 people who both work from home, n+1 bikes, a surfboard and 2 dogs! 


trio said...

But what would flipper say if you introduce a new pooch to her home?

You'll get there with the garmin, it took me a while but I love it now, definetly my favorite training tool.

So what is the fell race at the end of November? I could be interested, even if it means me walking down the hills.

jumbly said...

I think I'm going to try and do a Red Rose series cross country race before I do a fell race.