Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Unproductive vs productive

Yesterday was such an unproductive day, procrastination ruled and instead of getting on with my dissertation proposal I spent ages researching Polaroid cameras and then went on to order one from ebay. Over justification that I want to include some polaroid shots in my work didn't seem to wash with Glyn. So much more productive today despite struggling to get motivated first thing due to over-sleeping, pouring rain and a late train. Got a good chunk of research done in the library.

Contemplated a run this evening but ditched the idea. Run club tomorrow night and a weekend of riding in the Lakes so I'm not feeling too guilty about lack of exercise. I'm going to start taking my run kit in to Uni with me and try and get a lunch time run in some days, meant to be some routes round Stanley Park, I'll have to investigate!

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