Monday, 30 June 2008


I am considerably less gloomy now, a day out at the seaside has put me right. We drove up to Morecambe, had a scamper on the beach and walked along the front to the newly refurbished Midland Hotel where a glass of kir royal and a platter of Lancashire Tapas was a real treat. The hotel is lovely, the food was excellent, they didn't mind Flipper on the posh terrace, brought her a bowl of water while we tucked in. Even though it's only just up the road a bit we'd love to treat ourselves to a night away (see how the summer pans out with regard to getting away at all, even up the road for one night).

Stopped in at Merlin Cycles on the way up and I got myself a work stand and tool kit, small repairs that I'm confident about will now be easier, not sure I'll be challenging any professional bike mechanics with my knowledge just yet, but it's a start!

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