Thursday, 26 June 2008

500 justification.

I've been contemplating buying a car now for a while, we've been managing with one vehicle between us, but it's proving less practical just lately. I had to hire a car last week and family demands are such that I can see me having to make a few trips down south in the coming months, when I've needed to do this in the past I've left Glyn with no vehicle and he's just rearranged his schedule round me, but he's busier than ever and needs the van. In addition there is my commute. Here to Blackpool is a tad too long to realistically do it by bike everyday, the train has been working out mostly OK, a little restrictive sometimes where I've had leave when the timetable says rather than when I'm ready, the main plus was the financial saving. But, with the last price increase the train has been working out quite pricey and I know the fares will be going up again in the Autumn which will tip the balance and actually make it much, much cheaper to drive. So, I test drove a Fiat 500 today, which was ridiculously cute, very low insurance group, green enough emissions wise to be in the low tax bracket, economical in terms of mpg. I'm tempted, if I'm honest I want to get the car, but a bit of guilt is holding me back. Maybe this post is about me justifying to myself that I need that new car.


trio said...

How many bikes will it fit is the question?

jumbly said...

Maybe one with the wheels off? Don't think it will take roof bars but there is a rack available for the back, which might take a bike? Inability to transport bikes was the only draw-back!