Thursday, 22 May 2008

Brutal running and lazy day.

Run club last night was brutal, we did an easier route than we often do but I was struggling. Over 2 weeks since I last ran and over 2 weeks with no real exercise to speak of with having been away. The duathlon this Saturday is going to kill me!

I've had such a lazy week, it's taking me ages to get back into the swing of normal routine since being away. Disrupted sleep pattern and seriously weird dreams not helping. I keep having China related dreams, but sort of jumbled up with real life, wrongfully cooked eggs were a feature in last nights land of nod! I don't know if dreaming about eggs has some sort of hidden meaning, I can have a guess at what would Freud make of it?

My only achievement from today is that I've stuck a few photos from the trip up on Flickr, since we have over 500 pics I've selected out 80 or so for uploading, a bit random, but you get the idea. Other peoples holiday photos are hardly the most interesting thing in the world, but feel free to take a peek.

Oh, yeah the link, it would be handy, as would pasting it in properly! My Flickr


trio said...

For someone who has done nothing for two weeks you did well on tuesday! I've done loads of training and you were only about a minute and a half behind me on our fast loop.

jumbly said...

Maybe, but my lungs were on fire and my heart was trying to beat its way free of my chest cavity while you looked relaxed and ready to go and do hill reps!

trio said...

Yes but I had a minute and a half to recover, I was dying on the way round!