Thursday, 24 April 2008


Been having trouble logging in to Blogger which is irritating and now I am logged in I can't remember what I was going to say, which is even more irritating. So I'll just waffle for a minute and hope some sense comes out of a random stream of words.

I pedalled to Leyland and back yesterday to buy cross tyres. I can never find my way back out of Leyland so always end up looking for random road signs towards Chorley or Euxton in the hope I find myself somewhere familiar, yesterdays ride home involved a suprise reunion with A6 and I knew my way from there! The cross tyres have been fitted to my Surly and today instead of road all the way to Standish and back I took in a few bits of bridleway, not too muddy on the way in and as muddy as on the way back. I loved it. The Surly seems like a different bike, was a real pleasure to ride and for the first time since owning it felt like it was set up just right. Looking forward to getting out on it again tomorrow. I also went for a run this morning before the studio as I missed run club yesterday, the reasons for which are just too complicated.

I've got a beer chilling and since I still haven't really recalled what it was I logged on here to say, I think I'll log off and pour myself a glass of French Amber!

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