Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Woke up this morning to find the drivers side window of the car smashed in and the satnav stolen. So, I know you're meant to be vigilant and take everything out of the car at night, but complacency creeps in doesn't it? Waiting in now for the police and then the glass people can come and fix the car and then we'll have to go out and get a new satnav. The bottom of the range, now stolen one never worked properly anyway, having a very regular tendency to tell you turn left when it meant right, so let's hope the thieves are out there stuck in some perpetual left turning land never able to make it to cash converters or similar to try and flog our stuff for £5. Bastard of a way to start the day!

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trio25 said...

I recommend a TomTom, as they do good cycle routes as well!

Rubbish start to the day though :( The one thing wit living where I do is I know never to do that, we had one nicked off someone who came to fix some pipework. He was silly enough not to lock the car when there was a group of kids hanging around.