Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Studio Fixie.

First proper day at OK studios, quite productive. Did a few small experimental pieces, nothing very resolved but at least I'm started!

Commuted in on the Pompino, mapped the route, a hint over 6 miles, so 12 miles fixed riding today. Been a while since I rode the Pompino, so had the obligitary forget I can't freewheel moment. Forgot my lock so bike had to come right into the studio, recieved much admiration! Note to self, get round to fitting new pedals and saddle!

Saw a thread on Singletrack about extra entries available to SSUK, I've applied, think I was in there quick enough, fingers crossed! Saw on Trev's blog that he's ordered my rims and tyres, the 650b project moves forward, maybe racing on it in May!

1 comment:

trio25 said...

It needs clippless pedals to be admired fully! Forgot your lock likely story! More like you didn't want to leave your lovely pompey outside!