Friday, 29 February 2008


Been a while since I did a lengthy post on here so a bit a catch-up needed. Still blogging most of my rides for Minx over at A Girls Cycling Compendium, so check that out.

I think officially I have become a bike nut. I've recently snuck another bike into the house, a Lemond Etape road bike, womens fit, was a bargain, so how could I not? Plus my Mum had said she'd give me £200 to put towards an object of my desire, well it'd be rude for that not to have been a bike. The Lemond purchase was also partly due to somehow being persuaded by Amy to do The Legbreaker event. I know I have my Surly cross-check and I love it to bits but it was never built up to be a race bike, it was built to be a beast of burden, and would I enter the Grand National on a donkey? No, I wouldn't. Clearly an out and out race bike with minimal grammes of carbon was out of the question, the Lemond seemed a good compromise. Pleased with it, apart from it's torture saddle, did a 48.5 mile ride with Amy on it, lots of wind, lots of hills, but really good riding. Also a road bike is an easier way for me to start racking up some mileage to get my body ready for Trans-Wales. I've been doing some single-speed riding too, also with Amy who has just bought a Gary Fisher Rig 29er (partly encouraged by me). The single-speeding is good for working the legs! I'd love a 29er, but I think I'm just too short, Amy isn't tall but I lack leg length, I think the 650b format maybe the way for me to have big wheeled fun, have to leave it a while though before I'll be able to sneak another bike into he collection!

And, amongst all this riding I'm trying to run at least once a week, it's a good push for the fitness and I've enter a local duathlon, Carolyn, Amy and Ali all entered, I've asked Meriel if she fancies it too, so could be a really fun event.

It's not all been fitness freaking (as my sister calls it) we had a weekend away in Norfolk last weekend. Dog friendly hotel so we all went. Lots of fun, I took a heap of photos - I've been putting quite a few photos on Flickr, so take look. Variable quality........... but at least I'm keeping up with my New Years resolution to take more photos. Eyeing up digital SLR's too. I've got a borrowed Nikon D40 at the moment, see how I go with that before parting with any cash I think.

Anyway, I think that'll do for now. Bruce is visiting for the weekend, so there'll be no sleep 'til Monday for us, just a mass of barking and face biting!


trio25 said...

Ali has the D50 and loves it! An SRL is great, but she won't take it biking as worries she'll break it. I've been reading about the 650cc mountain bikes, sounds interesting but still think you should get a 29er ;) I'm only 5'3" and it doesn't feel wrong when I'm riding it.

jumbly said...

An SLR will set me back about the same as the Gary Fisher Rig! A camera is a tad more essential at the moment than another bike. So big wheels are on hold for a bit!

trio25 said...

Which just shows the rig was a bargain! Cannon have the best rep for digital SLR's although for what we use it for the Nixon has been great, only thing I'd like to change is a faster shutter speed, when set on it's fastest it's still sometimes to slow for some sports action shots.

jumbly said...

It's probably between the Canon EOS Digital Rebel and the Nikon D40, both in my price range. Unfortunately my film SLR is too old for the lenses to be compatible with a digi! I'll hold off buying for a bit though since I can borrow for the time being.

trio25 said...

Well if you ever need to borrow one, we have one. Only two lenses though.