Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Running, riding and eating.

Amy rode over to mine this morning so we could go running together. A hint over 4 miles to Red Rock and back. A really steady pace, actually most comfortable I've felt on a run for a while, perhaps I should run with someone else more often. Post run we had a big lunch and Amy rode home, I did my homework!

Then out for a night ride tonight with Amy and Carolyn. About 15 miles for me, slight guess 'cos I had GPS no signal flashing for the first mile or so. Me and Amy went through the woods at Chorley Nab (Carolyn sensibly decided to skip this part and headed for home). Blimey, spooky through there at night, something massive flapping in the treees at one point. All a bit "Blair Witch" but still good fun. I cleared most of the steps, hopping off on the lat one, Amy warned me it was a bit hairy by making a sort of aaaaaah as she rolled down it!

Messed around with the camera on the last bit home, got some fun shots of my head wearing my Joystick light. Look a bit like I'm being gooped with ectoplasm, cool!

Got home and stuffed my face with yet more cake. Probably just about burnt the calories off today.

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