Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Catch up Wednesday.

Deadline looming for Uni and no where near enough work done, Blog neglect as a consequence. Done a bit of running, more plodding than anything, done a bit of riding see A Girls Cycling Compendium for proof I've not been totally lazy. My mountain bike is in having new brakes fitted, bit of bling, some luurvly Hopes going on front and rear. Shhhhh don't tell Glyn but I've been looking at 29ers, seen a bargain Surly Karate Monkey advertised and a GF Rig, both look a bit nice round the edges. I'm worried I'm a tad too short for a 29er? Needs a bit of consideration. In the immortal words of that great thinker Bugs Bunny, that's all folks.

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