Monday, 2 July 2007

how rubbish am i?

A less rubbish person would post more regularly than this.

So since I last updated I've been on a riding skills improvement course through really good fun, lots of riding stuff I never thought I would tackle.

I've joined the forum on and met a some really cool girls and done a few rides round Rivington. Again this has encouraged me to ride things I'd normally jib out of, especially digging deep and keeping pedalling on the climbs.

I've treated myself to some lovely shebeest capris in brown, ordered of course from minx-girl. And a new Drizzler jacket from howies, been essential in all the rain we've been having.

Been trying to do some running but my left ankle and right knee are both giving me trouble. I've had to drop my mileage right down, hoping that all the biking I've been doing with the odd short run will get me round the 10km for Ironbridge. Rode to the running shop in Chorley today to buy a knee and ankle support and went over the handlebars on the ride back, sure that's helped all my injuries!

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