Wednesday, 18 April 2007


No posts for a while because we have been in Majorca. Not as sunny as we'd hoped, in fact quite a lot of rain. Didn't stop us having a good time. Ate way too much and definitely drank too much! Hired bikes a couple of days. 3 speed hub geared shopper, knackered Scott mountain bike that had to be rammed into gear, and a street pedallo that popped a wheelie as I tried to take it over a humped back bridge, much to the surprise of the car behind. Was seriously hard work pedalling it with Glyn in the passenger seat, really hard on the legs and lower back.
Went for a run today and was very slow, clearly feeling the effect of the holiday. Some strange aches I think caused by permanent damage by the recumbent Majorcan tricycle.
Some very cool news. I entered a competition on to write an article for Singletrack magazine. Here is my entry....
31 in 31

I could have entered this competition with plans for a summer expedition to an exotic location requiring much planning to cram as much as possible into a two week break from some job I hate. You know, lots of complicated grown-up stuff when all any of us really wants is the simple life. Remember long summers where every day was spent playing out on your bike, grazed knees, stinging nettles to battle through, just a slurp of orange kia-ora and a wagon wheel to keep you going, and only coming home when your Mum shouts to tell you your tea is ready. The path I’ve taken through life means that I can still do that, so I’m going to. August will be 31 rides in 31 days. A “ride” has to be at least an hour, some will be more, some will be tough rides, others a gentle pedal with husband and dog in tow. But I’m going to be a kid again.

I’ll keep a journal of my rides and if you guys at Minx and Singletrack want to tag along for this little bit of nostalgia that’d be great. Come and take some photos of the more picturesque rides. If you want to bung some free stuff my way then I won’t say no to some shorts and short sleeve jerseys, a pair of sunnies and a tube of sun cream. This isn’t going to break any records, no big statements about girls being allowed to ride too, nothing fancy, just good honest fun, a lot of pedalling and having to cook my own tea when I get home, I know I’ve never really grown up but still having my Mum cook for me when I’m 34 would just be too much!
I didn't win the competition but have been asked to contribute to their new online blog when I do the rides and then do a bit of a summary for the fanzine. Top doings I say. Plus they are going to bung a bit of free kit my way. Lovely and generous of them.
College again tomorrow. Might cycle part way in see if my head is willing to leave the pillow early enough and what the weather is doing. Got my new courier bag to test out!

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